RPG Valkyria Soul App Reviews

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Ho-hum plot/no challenge

I enjoyed the mechanics with which the monsters that fight for you are assigned skills. That being said, if you simply choose the monsters with the highest stats for your team, you will steamroll the entire game. There is a cute mechanic that diminishes a monsters maximum health if it is being spam healed, which is a good way to deal with the likelihood of otherwise having an endless battle. It falls flat as an rpg in terms if your capacity to make choices, pretend to make choices, or even exist as part of a compelling, on-rails story. There isnt really much to praise about this game. Everything it does is done much better elsewhere. I will say that I appreciated the lack of focus on IAP. At no point does it seem necessary or like a good idea to spend money.

The first kemco RPG I didnt like.

Try the alphadia games or asdivine dios instead. This one is a side scroller. No really. Which makes exploring dungeons boring.

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